Where do we go from here?

Living Earth Naturals is in its 7th year…Wow, how time does fly!

A brief history

As some of you may remember, we began as Gaia Goods in 2013.  We had a very limited product line, and we only sold at our local farmers market.  We slowly added new products and sales events over the next few years as we stabilized our business foundation.  In 2017,  we experienced huge business change and growth through a USDA grant we received.  This brought our new business name, our expanded product line, new labels and packaging, and a website.   This was a transformative, exciting development that required an exceptional amount of time and creative energy, but it brought LEN to where it is now.

On the personal, creator side, I started Living Earth Naturals (Gaia Goods) when my daughter was young, and I was spending most of my time at home, with her, growing and preserving food.  This is what my mother did, and it held a deep knowing in my heart.  Also, during this period of my life, my interest in the wonders of herbs, both wild and cultivated, was blossoming.  For me it was similar to gardening, a way of utilizing the nourishing abundance of the earth.

This is how LEN was born.   I wanted work that would allow me to be easily available to my daughter as she grew, just like my mother;  and I wanted work based in the values I grew up with- growing and harvesting- practicality, honesty, simplicity and integrity.

Along the path

From our humble beginnings, LEN has grown and changed so much.  Just like us as individuals, our creations evolve.

Our product line developments and expansion came from both need and desire.  Some were based in customer requests, such as our shampoo bars, and others from a personal desire to have a natural, eco friendly option.  Some of our product changes, such as colors and scents, came from my desire to continue to experiment, play and improve.

As the business creator, I too have grown and evolved.  I have learned so many new skills, many I never anticipated in the beginning.  Some I have welcomed, and others I avoided until my business development demanded I embrace them.  I’ve learned to accept “failure” as part of learning and growing, to allow it to show me new ways and possibilities. I’ve learned to balance the needs of my self, my family and my business. It only thrives if I do.  I’ve developed great personal discipline and goal setting that has allowed me to have success and adventures I only dreamed of in the beginning.   And, I am constantly learning to be open.  I only know what I know, and other people with their experiences, perspective and skills help and inspire me constantly.

So, now what?

Let me begin by saying that I am very satisfied with Living Earth Naturals.  I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude when I reflect on the journey of development, and the loyalty and support from customers.  I believe in my products and in my business, no questions.  Alright, so what’s up?

As is obvious in my story so far, Living Earth Naturals and I are very intertwined.  My business growth almost always demands personal growth, and vice versa.  My vision for LEN was hatched in my early 30’s as a new mother.  My family life has now changed.   My daughter is entering middle school, so my home based needs have shifted.

I too have changed, a lot.  I am now in my mid 40’s, and my personal and business goals are shifting.  I  have different needs and desires for LEN.  I am a very driven, ambitious, creative person.  I love to learn and try knew things.  Being stagnant makes me crazy.   As a business owner, this means LEN will always be blossoming and evolving – to keep it alive.

I am also a very aware person, and I recognize the extremely urgent need for Planetary care, NOW.   I am determined to use my personal and business energy towards creating a sustainable, healthy, joyful future. All of this combines to mean…change is in the air!

Don’t worry, we will still be providing your favorite products.  We are as committed to them as you!  We will only continue to improve.

There are a few current products we want to adjust, but mostly we have new ones brewing.  We want to make LEN easier to share and to access, so we are working on gift packs, product subscriptions, and a customer loyalty plan, and wholesaling.

We plan to shift the presentation of LEN to more accurately reflect the products and our customers.  This means new displays, website adjustments, and new labeling.

We are always striving to make the LEN as eco friendly as possible. This means upcoming changes in some of our current packaging, and an exciting, Earth supportive, business “give back” program.

And finally, we want to nourish a community of action for change.  We are working to create a deeper connection with you, our customers, through newsletters and social media, so that we can inspire and support one another.  In order to create a different future, we must feel empowered and hopeful.   We can accomplish so much more together.  We want to help you connect personal and planetary care, so we can do the good work together.

So, thank you for supporting Living Earth Naturals, and for joining me in creating a brighter tomorrow!



  1. Dena Ann Scales on August 15, 2019 at 7:26 am

    Love my LEN products! I look forward to what new items may be coming our way. Here’s to growth and change.


  2. Angel on August 15, 2019 at 8:47 am

    Thank you for doing what you do, how you do it. Your products are so nice to my skin and I feel great about using them.

  3. Debbie on August 15, 2019 at 8:50 am

    So glad you are working hard to make earth friendly products. I love what you do.

  4. Sarah J. on August 15, 2019 at 4:45 pm

    I’m excited to see what’s new on the horizon! Cheers to growth and middle school!

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