About Us

"The question is not 'can you make a difference?' You already do make a difference. It's just a matter of what kind of difference you want to make during your life on this planet."

-Julia Butterfly Hill

One You.  One Planet.  One Love.

One You

We want to empower you to make the connection between personal care and planetary care.  Self care is natural.  And, every choice we make as individuals has an impact, both in our lives and for our planet as a whole. Living Earth Naturals allows you, the one and only you, to make a positive choice for our planet by choosing the best for yourself.

One Planet

Living Earth Naturals is a green company. We create our products using only certified organic, sustainable and natural ingredients,  and we use the most environmentally sound product packaging available.  We believe that together, we can create a more sustainable future.

One Love

On this beautiful Earth, there are so many ways to support endeavors of love and courage. We believe that working together is essential.   A percentage of our sales, both monthly and annually, go to support the efforts of people taking action for our planet.