How to be a Conscious Consumer

As the holiday season approaches, many of us are pondering what we would like to give to friends and loved ones. The average U.S. household spends approximately $1,000 on holiday giving, and overall American consumers will spend close to 1 trillion dollars on holiday gifts…

WOW!!! That is a lot of purchasing power! That’s an immense opportunity to use your dollar (and your intention) to make a positive impact.

There are many production and sourcing aspects to any product that affect it’s footprint. Also, where and how we shop makes a difference. Below is a list of considerations that can help guide conscious gift giving this holiday season (and all year round).


  • Are the people who produced this product, and it’s raw materials, treated and compensated fairly?
  • Am I supporting small business or local economy?
  • Does this item align with my values? Does it align with the values of the recipient?
  • Will this be useful for, and/or appreciated by the recipient?


  • What is this product made from?
  • Where and how were the materials for this product sourced?
  • Is this product built to last?
  • Where does this product go at the end of its lifecycle?


  • Is this product consumable or reusable?
  • Is this product sustainable or biodegradable?
  • How far has this product been shipped?
  • Can I find this product second hand?

Having the abundance to give, is a gift in its self.

It can and should be approached with thought and intention.

Please be mindful in your gifting this year (and always). Please be thoughtful of how your purchases and gifts are one way that you emulate your values.

Please remember that we are all connected. Our choices (purchases) have an impact regardless of whether we see it or not. Someone makes the gifts you give and/or the supplies you create from. All of these things come from the planet we share. Every purchase ripples out in many directions.

Please remember the aim in giving – an extension of your love and care for others. What represents that most honestly? Usually simple, heart felt offerings hold the deepest value.

Please remember to see your giving forward. How can your giving be life affirming? How can you help someone you love to develop a new or existing craft or skill? How can you support them in pursuing a personal goal or desire? How can you authentically give to someone you love?

You have a choice in how you give, and every choice matters.

If you need some ideas on easy, fun, affordable green giving, check out my Green Gift Giving Guide. It has some great suggestions for thoughtful, creative gifts that will help you give consciously this year.

Peace and Love, Brandi

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