Product FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Products


Q. What is the difference between your various soaps (face, body, shave, and shampoo)?

We use a different blend of oils, herbs, and additives for each type of soap we make, which is based on the intended purpose of the soap. A list of ingredients is provided on the website and label for each individual product, and a brief description of the product in general on the main product page.

Our body soap is a primarily Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil soap. It is nourishing, mild and moisturizing.

Our face soap is a luxurious blend of nutrient rich Organic Oils to help soothe and support facial skin. We add activated charcoal to help detox, and Dead Sea Salt to help exfoliate and provide essential minerals.

Our Shave Soap is a balanced blend of Organic Oils with a creamy, silky lather. We add Bentonite clay to help provide slip.

Our Shampoo Bar is a deeply conditioning blend of Organic Oils providing a full, rich lather.

Q. Can I use your soaps interchangeably?

For a few, yes. Our Face and Shampoo bars can certainly be used as lush body soaps. The Shave Soap functions best for shaving, and the Body soap may be more drying to the face or hair.

Q. What is the difference between your Face Cream and your Body Cream?

Similar to our soaps, we use a different blend of Organic Oils for each, and we provide a full ingredient list on both the label and website.

Our Body Cream is made with rich oils and butters that settle into your skin more slowly, moisturizing deeply. It is a bit thicker than our Face Cream. Our Face Cream is made of a blend of luxurious oils that settles in more quickly and feels lighter on your skin.

Q. What kind of essential oils do you use?

We purchase our essential oils from three different online companies: Bulk Apothecary, Organic Creations, and Bulk Natural Oils. We buy high quality essential oils in bulk quantities to be more environmentally sustainable.

Q. Do you use Baking Soda in your deodorant?

No.  It is not uncommon to use Baking Soda in natural deodorants. It is also not uncommon for individuals to have reactions and sensitivities to baking soda in deodorant. We use a blend of Organic Arrowroot Powder, Organic Tapioca Flour, White Kaolin Clay and Non-Nano Zinc Oxide to help provide a minor moisture-wicking property. A full list of ingredients is provided on both the label and website.

Q. How long do your products last?

That can depend on how often you use it and the conditions it is stored in. We give storage and use tips on the main product page of each product. We make production and storage efforts to ensure you have the freshest, most effective products. The ingredients we use do have a natural shelf life, and in most cases our products are best if used within 6 months to a year of purchase. Past a year, and we cannot ensure the quality of your purchase.

Q. What if my product melts in warm weather?

We give the average melting point to our “melt-able” products in the description on the main product page. We recommend you consider this quality when ordering your items and in how you care for them.  Shipping during warm summer months may soften or melt your some of our products. It is best to stock up during cooler temperatures.

Melting may alter the appearance and texture of your product, but it will not change the effectiveness (exceptions being our creams: face, body, bug and sun).

Our Face, Body, Bug Be Gone and Sun Care Creams may separate during high temperatures, and the preservative may be compromised. Please store them in a temperature stable environment, and order during cooler seasons.

Q. Are your products Certified Organic?

No, not legally certified, but we do use USDA Certified Organic ingredients whenever possible. We indicate on our labels and website which of our ingredients are Certified Organic, which are Sustainably grown and which are Wild-harvested. On the label this is indicated with symbols, and on our website they are listed. If you would like any proof of the Organic Certification of ingredients, please contact us.

In the case of some ingredients, Organic Certification in not possible. This is the case if the ingredient is not considered a food item, such as clays and salts. We strive to use the highest, most sustainable source of these ingredients.

Q. Are your products made with non-GMO ingredients?

 Yes. Our products are free of any genetically modified organism (GMO) ingredients. We only use non-GMO products when making our products.

Q. Are your products cruelty free? Biodegradeable? Sustainable? 

 Yes. We only “test” on willing humans, and we prioritize purchasing cruelty free, organic, sustainable, plant-based ingredients.

Q. Are your products vegan?

Some of our products are vegan. We do use Organic Beeswax in some items. A full ingredient list is provided for each individual item on both the label and the website.