Borscht! A bowl of Harvest Soul!

Another Market Season Done..

It’s late October and the Kootenai County Farmers Market is drawing to a close…it is such a mixed time for me.

I love our Farmer’s Market!  It is truly a gem!  Not only do I feel this as a bias from being a member for 8 years, but I also hear this from customers that visit our market from all over the country.  The Kootenai County Farmers Market is 30+ years strong.  It has great founding guidelines that bring quality farmers and makers from our region together to serve our community.  As members, the majority of us spend a minimum of 10 hours of volunteer time per season helping our market to operate and thrive.  It truly is a quirky bunch of characters who believe in honest work, and good relationships, and I feel so fortunate to call KCFM home!

With all the rose colored gushing being said,  I am excited to sleep in on a few Saturdays and to have a full weekend free with my family.

A celebration of Harvest’s bounty

Kootenai County Farmer’s Market wouldn’t be what it is without our customers.  Each October, we host a Customer Appreciation Day where we as vendors provide coffee, tea, cookies, breads and soups for our customers.  It is a great day to share in the harvest of the season together.

Many years I have contributed by making a massive vat of Borscht!  I get so excited to make it each fall because it fully embodies Autumn harvest.  Although I made a large pot for my family this year (and froze some for later), I did not make it for market this year, and it was missed…

So, I decided to share it with you!  It is so delicious and such a fabulous way to celebrate and capture the deliciousness of Fall that it should be shared.  Almost all of the ingredients are available in October at KCFM!    Enjoy!


1 1/2 C  thinly sliced potatoes

1 C  thinly sliced beets

1 1/2 C  chopped onion

2  stalks chopped celery

2  thinly sliced carrots

4 C  shredded green cabbage

1 C  puree tomato

4 C  water

2+ T  butter

1 1/2+ t  salt

1+ t  caraway seeds

1+ t  dill

ground pepper to taste

2 T  apple cider vinegar

1-2 T  honey

Place potatoes, beets and water in soup pot.  Cover and cook over medium heat until tender (20-30 minutes).

Meanwhile, melt butter in large sauce pan.  Add onions, caraway seeds and salt.  Cook over medium heat until onions are translucent (5-7 minutes).  Add celery, carrots and cabbage and cook until tender (another 7-9 minutes), adding small amounts of cooking water from potatoes and beets to help soften and cook.

Combine all ingredients in soup pot.  Stir in tomato puree, dill, cider vinegar and honey.  Cover and simmer 15+ minutes.  Add any additional seasonings to taste.

Best served hot, on a cool Autumn evening, with Deli Rye Mak bread, and good company!  Make sure you roll your tongue when you say Borscht!  It’s best followed with some kind of fabulous pumpkin desert 🙂

Recipe Confessions

I looovvvee this soup!  It is honestly one of my favorites.  With that said, I’m a sucker for a full flavored soup with lots of seasonings and veggies, and I rarely “follow” a recipe.  So, I add more than the recipe calls for…on about everything.   The above recipe is a good place to start.  Adjust to your heart and palettes delight.

Let me know what you think!

Happy Fall!  See you next season 🙂




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