All my Relations

Happy Earth Day!  

I regard Earth Day and Valentine’s Day similarly- we should celebrate and give notice to the Earth every day, just like we should celebrate and practice love everyday.  Still, I can easily get on board with a holiday honoring the planet, or love.  Why not? What’s to loose?

I remember the first time I saw this picture.  I was mesmerized.

To me, it was stunningly beautiful.  I could feel it in my bones, the unfathomable magic and power of the place in space.  I could sense the potent possibility and gracious generosity of this vibrant planet in the vast universe.  I felt deep reverence and gratitude.

Our Earth is so splendid, so creative, so benevolent.

Today, in honor of our Earth, I want to share a Lakota prayer that so beautifully speaks to the interconnectedness of all life on Earth.  It’s such a sweet prayer of gratitude for the opportunity to live on this incredible, fertile, diverse, sustaining planet.

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin

All my relations, I honor you in this circle of life with me today.  I am grateful for this opportunity to acknowledge you in this prayer…

To the creator, for the ultimate gift of life, I thank you.

To the mineral nation that has built and maintained my bones and all foundations of life experience, I thank you.

To the plant nation that sustains my organs and body and gives me healing herbs for sickness, I thank you.

To the animal nation that feeds me from your own flesh and offers your loyal companionship in the walk of life, I thank you.

To the human nation that shares my path as a soul upon the sacred wheel of Earthly life, I thank you.

To the spirit nation that guides me invisibly through the ups and downs of life and for carrying the torch of light through the Ages, I thank you.

To the four winds of change and growth, I thank you.

You are all my relations, my relatives, without whom I would not live.  We are in the circle of life together, co-existing, co-dependent, co-creating our destiny.  One, not more important than the other.  One nation evolving from the other and yet each dependent upon the one above and below.  All of us a part of the Great Mystery.

Thank you for this life.


Earth Day, every day!

At Living Earth Naturals, we operate by this philosophy.  Our mission is to connect personal and planetary care.  We want you and our planet to be healthier.  Earth day is a day to recognize what we do daily and remember why.  Every choice matters, and together, we do make a difference.

No matter your spiritual beliefs, the Earth makes our lives possible.  Every day of your journey in the life is deeply supported by the mastery of this planet.  Your food, your drink, your clothes, your home, you car, your furniture, your computer, your cup…look around you – every single “thing” in your life has come from the resources of this Earth.  It’s honestly dumbfounding.  And, it’s absolutely awesome in the truest expression of the word.

I encourage you to take time today to touch the Earth- with your feet, with your hands.  Lay on the Earth today.  Listen. Smell. Notice. Observe.  Please take a moment today to notice this immense gift, and say Thank You to the Earth.

Then make it a practice, a prayer.

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