Who We Are

Our Mission

Living Earth Naturals' mission is to connect personal and planetary care by providing all natural, plant based body care products in Earth friendly packaging.

Self care is natural and necessary. It's the foundation for all other forms of care.  It fuels us to do more and be more.  Every choice we make impacts us as individuals and our shared planet.

We want to help you create a healthier, brighter, greener tomorrow by providing self care products that are both nourishing for you and kind to our Earth.


Living Earth Naturals products are created from pure, natural ingredients for optimal personal and planetary well being.  We source sustainably and ethically for both our products and packaging because we believe that together, we can and do make a difference.

The Creator

Ever since I was a young girl, nature has been my refuge. It has been the space that helps me understand and move through the rhythms of life.

Nature has been, and continues to be, my greatest teacher. This passion has led me on many journeys and adventures. It has allowed me to see and experience spaces of inspirational beauty, and has taught me how to live a simple, yet rich life.

I carry deep reverence for the opportunity to be alive on such a magnificent planet. Our Earth; we as humans; and the capacity to create, to love, and to live with purpose are nothing shy of miraculous to me. I believe we can choose each day, and each moment, to live a sustainable life for ourselves, for others and for the planet. I also believe doing so can be beautiful, vibrant and fun. Living Earth Naturals is my way of contributing to this process.

I enjoy hiking, skiing, biking, kayaking, back packing and spending time outdoors just being quiet. I love to grow my garden and am an active member of my local Farmers' Market and our local environmental non-profit.

My Family

I am blessed to share the journey of life and Living Earth Naturals with my family.  They have been by my side every step of the way with encouragement, time and devoted effort. We have shared many hours of product labeling, problem solving, travel, and sales together. I am grateful to have their love and support.