5 reasons Bar Soap is more eco friendly

Bar Soap for the Green win!

Every Choice Matters

This is a mantra to me.  It’s true.  All of the choices we make have an impact beyond the immediate.  Some have more obvious or larger impacts, some more subtle and less obtrusive, but still an impact.

Soap is of the latter.  Our diets and transportation choices have a larger immediate footprint, yet still, soap is a common use product.  We use is multiple times a day.  Actions accumulate, and the type of soap we use does have an impact.  Bar Soap easily wins when it comes to getting more clean and green.

5 reasons Bar Soap is better for the Earth

Ingredients – Bar Soaps more commonly contain fewer to no synthetic chemicals.  They are made from a combination of fats (oils, butters) and an alkali (lye or sodium hydroxide).  Both of these are naturally occurring.

Of course the sourcing and quality of the oils and butters has a footprint, and the scents and colors can also be less green.  Think slash and burning of rain forests for mono crop palm farming, lab created micas and synthetic fragrance oils.

All Living Earth Naturals soaps are made with certified organic, sustainable, ethical oils and butters.  We use natural clays and root powders for color, and therapeutic essential oils for scent.

Packaging – Bar soap has a huge advantage here.  It’s hard to compete.  Liquid soap is most typically in single use plastic.  Bar Soap naturally lends itself to many eco friendly options: paperboard box or band, cloth or tissue.  We use a biodegradable, unbleached coffee filter.

Lower Carbon Footprint – Bar soap has a lower carbon footprint due to the previous qualities (ingredients and packaging) and how these impact transportation. Bar soap weighs much less than liquid.  The energy necessary to transport it is less.

Reduce – The reason Bar soap weighs less is because it uses 30% less water to produce.  Additionally, Bar soap last longer. People typically use 6x as much liquid soap to wash their hands.  This means it is used faster and has to be replaced sooner… which equals more plastic.

Support Local – Most likely there are many options for hand crafted soap in your local community.  There are usually a variety of bar soap styles to choose from at a given farmers market: goats milk, vegan, animal rendered… Supporting local makers keeps money within our immediate communities.

Bigger, better impacts of Bar soap

Connecting Personal and Planetary Care – that’s our mission at Living Earth naturals.

It’s obvious that Bar soap is a better choice for the planet, and the benefits are similar on a personal scale: nourishing ingredients, reducing plastic waste, supporting your local makers…but, bar soap also has a soulful side.

Making soap is a heritage.  It’s a craft that has been practiced for generations.  Historically, it has been a way that people utilized all of their resources (animal rendered fat soaps).  It was both pragmatic and creative, and it still is.

Soap making is fun.  It’s a great way to explore creating something useful.  It’s a pleasant activity to share or for enriching solo time.  It feels great to make something that you then actually use.  It’s healing and empowering in a subconscious way.

Bars of soap make great gifts.  Yes, people may chuckle about their “hippie aunt Brandi who makes soap and gives it to everybody”… but it’s a legit handmade gift that usually get’s used, and it’s good to laugh.

Suds up!

Are you thoroughly convinced?  Are you gonna quit your day job and start a soap making business…?  Save the world through soap?   Good luck! 😉

In the meantime, we’ve got great options!  They are as green as can be, and we plant a tree for each order.

Check’ em out here –  Body Soaps

Peace and Love,  Brandi



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  1. Tamara Booth on August 22, 2021 at 7:04 am

    I have been using handmade soaps by local people for nearly 30 years. Typically I purchase from Farmer’s Markets and try to buy several bars at a time when I find someone who doesn’t use perfume oils and uses locally sourced ingredients. It’s not easy to find, and not everyone sells at the same location consistently, so I was thrilled to find a website I could order from any time I wanted! Plus, this soap has the best combination of scents I’ve seen in quite awhile (i.e. Frankincense Fir and Lavender Sage). Too many soap makers rely on the flowery perfumes, while I personally love the earthy scents here. Thank you

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