What do we mean by “All Natural”?

All Natural can mean so many different things to so many different people.  It’s a very common way to describe a wide variety of products.  There are no regulations on how the term natural can be used, and no certifications to determine who can use the word natural (vs. how the term organic is regulated).  It is used to describe anything from window cleaner to carpets, from energy drinks to hair dyes.  Yeah, it really can mean anything to anyone.

So, why do we at Living Earth Naturals use the term Natural, and what are we implying?


Maybe you have seen this symbol on our  labels?

We have a “key” on our labels that uses small symbols to indicate which ingredients are Certified Organic, Sustainable, and Wildcrafted in the ingredient list.  OK, so what does that have to do with natural? 

At Living Earth Naturals, we use ingredients that are as close to their original state as possible. We use only certified organic oils and root powders .  We use extra virgin and non-deodorized oils (whenever it is and option) to get the most nutrient rich, highest quality oils, and to avoid energy heavy processing techniques.  Certified Organic  is only available in ingredients that are considered a food by the FDA, so for some ingredients it is not applicable.  Which leads to…

Sustainable.  We prioritize sourcing certified sustainable ingredients.  This is includes our oils, herbs, clays, root powders and essential oils.  We believe sustainability is critical to our business and to the planet in general.  Without sustainable growing and harvesting practices, we cannot keep providing Earth friendly body care.   We personally grow many of the herbs we use in our products using water conserving, soil building, and pollinator friendly growing techniques.  Time in the garden is a major work perk!

Speaking of time outdoors, some of the ingredients we use are wildcrafted.   We personally harvest a variety of the herbs infused into our products from our local national forests and natural spaces.  We harvest the plants at their peak season for the greatest benefits, and we do so in a manner that is respectful to the wellbeing and longevity of the plants.  It is very fulfilling to spend time out in nature- listening, observing and picking… for work!  Yet another bonus!

So, by saying our products are All Natural, we mean we are utilizing the purest, most straight forward ingredients possible to create nourishing, luxurious body care.  Every one of our products is created from this foundational “recipe.”  We believe that there is always a way to create effective body care products from nature provided ingredients- no synthetic colors, scents or fillers. It only requires dedication and creativity, and we’ve got that!!!




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