Exfoliating Soap Balls


Green-up your hand washing!  Ditch the plastic pump. Our Exfoliating Soap Balls are zero waste at its’ best.

We begin by shredding the scraps from our Body and Shaving Soaps and mixing them with purified water.  We add a small amount of soap nut powder and ground loofah to create a soap ball that is great for scrubbing and thoroughly cleaning hands and feet.  We finish our Soap Balls with Orange, Tea Tree and Clove essential oils blend to create a clean, fresh, citrus scent.

Each ball weighs approximately 1.75 oz and lasts at least one month.  The set contains 4 Soap Balls in a biodegradable bag.


Ingredients:  Saponified (Extra Virgin Olive Oil**, Castor Oil**, Sunflower Oil**, Shea Butter**,  Cocoa Butter**), Spring Water, Soap Nut Powder**, Orange EO, Tea Tree EO, Clove EO

98% Organic.   ** = Certified Organic.   EO = Essential Oil.

For:  All skin types.

How to use:  Wet the Soap Ball, and rub between your hands to create a full lather.  Set ball aside and continue to rub hands with soap lather.  Rinse thoroughly.

Care:  For longest life, allow soap ball to thoroughly dry between uses.  Store ball on a well draining soap dish.

Additional information

Weight 9 oz
Dimensions 5 × 6 × 2 in


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