Lavender Rosemary Dry Shampoo- Dark


Lavender Rosemary Dry Shampoo feels both soothing and healing.  It puts both your mind and body at ease.

Rosemary, Lavender and French Lavender essential oils blend to create a balanced, full floral and herbal scent.

This scent is like wise, tender comfort and care.

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Dark Formula Ingredients:  Tapioca Flour**, Cornstarch**, Arrowroot Powder**, Cocoa Powder**, Rhassoul Clay, Rosemary EO, Lavender EO, French Lavender EO

80% Organic.   ** = Certified Organic.   EO = Essential Oil

For:  Limp, oily, fine, and normal hair.

How to use:  To open, cut the label where the base and lid meet. Use tweezers to remove sticker seal. Place a small amount in your palms or on a large make up brush.  Lightly apply to roots of hair or where oily.  Rub into hair, and use fingers or comb to move powder through your hair.  Allow a few minutes to settle in and absorb oils.  For best results, apply the night before.

Care:  Always use clean hands for application.  Avoid introducing moisture into your powder.  Store in a temperature stable environment, and always keep the lid closed between uses.  Lightly tap the shaker on a surface before opening to move powder below the sifter.

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1 review for Lavender Rosemary Dry Shampoo- Dark

  1. Hailey

    I love your dry shampoo! It helps absorb the oils so well and I love that you have a dark version so It doesn’t change the color of my hair! I also love how natural It is and how great It smells! Thank you for sharing!

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