Love 2B Plastic Free Soap Set


The Love 2B Plastic Free Soap Set is dedicated to Earth Day everyday!  It’s a great way to go plastic free in the shower.

The Love 2B Plastic Free Soap Set comes with one of each of the following soaps, in the scents of your choice:

  • one Body Soap
  • one Face Soap
  • one Shampoo Bar
  • one Shave Soap

All of our soaps are made with rich, organic and sustainable oils.  We color them with clays and root powders, and scent them with only essential oils.  They feel creamy, silky and gentle.  They smell like heaven on earth, and they are beautiful in design.

Each individual soap bar is wrapped in a biodegradable, unbleached coffee filter.  The set comes in a biodegradable paperboard kraft gift bag/box.

The Love 2B Plastic Free Soap Set is a Purpose Product Set. 10% of sales of this product are donated to Ocean Blue Project.




The Love 2B Plastic Free Soap Set is very customizable with numerous scents to choose from.

The Face Soaps, Shampoo Bars, and Shave Soaps each come in 4 different scents, and the Body Soap has 20+ scents to choose from.  Mix them however you prefer, go with a scent theme, or have us choose for you.

Please indicate your desire in the notes on the check out page.  If you do not indicate anything, we will assume you want us to do so for you.

If this is a gift, please remember to provide us with the appropriate SHIPPING address at checkout.

Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 6.5 in


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