Annual Soap Subscription


The Seasonal Soap Set Subscription is the gift that gives all year.  We will send 5 seasonally scented soaps, 4 times per year-  March, June, September, and December.  Each set will include one scent that is only available seasonally.  The Seasonal Soap Set comes with a gift card that explains the subscription, and has a space to indicate who it is to and from.  The cost of shipping for all 4 sets is included in the total price of the subscription.

Please reference the list below to know which set will be sent first based off of the date of your order.

  • February – April orders                  Spring scents Soap Set
  • May – July orders                            Summer scents Soap Set
  • August – October orders                Autumn scents Soap Set
  • November – December orders      Winter scents Soap Set

Our Body Soaps are made with rich, organic and sustainable oils.  We color them with clays and root powders, and scent them with only essential oils.  They feel creamy, silky and gentle.  They smell like heaven on earth, and they are beautiful in design.

Each individual soap bar comes wrapped in an unbleached, biodegradable coffee filter.  The sets come in a custom post consumer recycled box that is padded with repurposed paper shreds.  The gift card and envelope are sustainably sourced and produced.  A thoroughly green gift!

If this is a gift, please remember to provide us with the appropriate SHIPPING address at checkout.




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Weight 22 oz
Dimensions 8 × 5.5 × 4 in


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