Marjoram Basil Body Soap


Basil Marjoram Body Soap feels like an herb garden in full bloom.  It’s robust and delicious.

Sweet Marjoram, Basil, Lime, Spearmint, and Lavandin essential oils blend to create a sweet, warm, fresh, herbal scent.

Close your eyes, and bury your nose in a bouquet of aromatic delight.



Ingredients:  Extra Virgin Olive Oil**, Virgin Coconut Oil**, Spring Water, Sunflower Oil**,Sodium Hydroxide,  Shea Butter**, Cocoa Butter**, Castor Oil**, Sweet Marjoram EO, Basil EO, Lime EO, Spearmint EO, Lavandin EO, French Green Clay, Spirulina

67% Organic.   ** = Certified Organic.   EO = Essential Oil.    (Excluding water, 87% Organic)

For:  All skin types.

How to use:  Lightly wet bar of soap, and begin a lather with your hands.  Apply soap to skin with a reusable Body Wash Pad, a wash cloth, or directly on skin.

Care:  For longest life, allow soap to thoroughly dry between uses.  Store soap on a well draining soap dish.

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 1 in

Single Bar, 3 Bars for $25

1 review for Marjoram Basil Body Soap

  1. Phillip Rolfe

    Just received and so excited. I love your products. Thank You.

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