Escape Body Scrub


Cedarwood, Pine, Fir Needle, Vetiver, Bergamot and Lavindin essential oils combine to create a full, woodsy and earthy scent.



Ingredients:  Body Soap & Shave Soap(Saponified- Extra Virgin Olive Oil**, Coconut Oil**, Castor Oil**, Sunflower Oil**, Shea Butter**, Cocoa Butter**), Raw Sugar**, Coconut Milk**, Poppy Seeds**, Rhassoul Clay, Cedarwood EO, Pine EO, Fir Needle EO, Vetiver EO, Bergamot EO, Lavindin EO

96% Organic.   ** = Certified Organic.   EO = Essential Oil

For:  Rough, dry skin, and all skin types.

How to use:  Get cube thoroughly wet, and set aside to soften (3-5)minutes.  Use directly on skin.  Exfoliating once a week is usually sufficient.

Care:  For longest life, keep your cube in a well draining area, and allow cube to fully dry between uses.  Each cube is good for 2-3 uses.  Each jar comes with 8 cubes.  Keep unused cubes in a dry, temperature stable environment.  Avoid intruding water into your jar of cubes.

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 2.75 in


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