Light in the darkness

Happy Solstice!

Winter Solstice is upon us.  The shortest day of the year, and the longest night.  Winter solstice has long been a celebration of the birth of the sun.  The returning of the life giving source of light, during the darkest time of year.  It has also long been a time of reflection and introspection.  A time to plan and prepare for the new year, for new growth.

A friend recently observed, “Isn’t it interesting how the long darkness brings about inner illumination.”

I’ve always lived in Northern places where the days are significantly shorter during the winter.  I greatly appreciate the time to pull back and be quiet.  I find it essential to reflect and check in with myself, and to make new goals for the upcoming year.  I’ve noticed that my creativity and imagination blossoms during the long darkness.

This year there is a lot to reflect on, for all of us.  Our rhythms have changed.  Our relationships have shifted.  Our sense of time, space, community and priority have all been brought into our immediate lenses to re-evaluate, refresh and renew.


I have many hopes for the new year.  For myself, for LEN, and for all of us collectively.  Hope is my theme for 2021.  I will focus my efforts to nurture, grow and spread hope.  We must have hope to tackle the challenges that need our immediate attention.  We need hope to seed our courage.

Light in the darkness

We are making a difference!   In 2020, we planted 400 trees!  Living Earth Naturals plants a tree for every order, and with your support we doubled the number of trees planted over 2019.  YES!

Our shared commitment to Earth Friendly products helped to avert more plastic.  As of Winter Solstice 2020, TOGETHER, we have prevented 12,337 pieces of plastic from entering the waste stream!  Every choice matters!

So, thank you!   Thank you for your support.  Thank you for your action towards a more green, sustainable future.  Thank you for joining me with hope and courage to be the change.

I learned this year even more deeply that our time, attention and support are the greatest gifts we can give. From my heart, I am grateful to you.

I wish you and yours peace, joy, health and happiness.


May we be more compassionate, playful, hopeful and courageous in 2021.

All my love.  Be well,







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