Earth Day – Plastic Free Shower Sale!


Where would we be without her!!??  

Really, all jokes aside, I suppose you could say the possibilities are endless, but…I’m not too sure I want to pioneer that experiment.  

I prefer the other option- Taking care of this wondrous, splendid, bountiful HOME.  Have you ever looked around and contemplated the immense life supporting capacity of this Earth?  Every single thing that we utilize or interact with in some way comes from this planet.  Every living being is supported by this planet.   It truly is mind boggling, humbling really.  

The Earth’s awesome creative capacity inspires me to live in the same manner.  I want to support life, ingenuity and beauty, and do so in a balanced way.  This desire fuels the passion behind Living Earth Naturals.  Which is why I am so delighted to share with you some Happy Earth Day News…

TOGETHER we have prevented over 7,000 pieces of plastic from entering the waste stream!

YES!!!!  We can make a difference- One Person, One choice, One Purchase at a time!  

To Celebrate this accomplishment and to keep the good action rolling,  we are running a  PLASTIC FREE SHOWER SALE   for the week of Earth Day,  Monday 4/22 – Friday 4/26.  Purchase one each of our Body Soaps, Face Soaps, Shave Soaps and Shampoo Bars for $25 with free shipping!  Enter the coupon code  earthday  at check out.  

We will be keeping a running monthly total of the plastic avoided, so watch for the updates on our newsletter in the bottom left corner.  Also, keep tabs on where we will be so you can join the action and Purchase for the Planet!  And remember…

One Planet – One You – One Love





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