Connecting Personal and Planetary Care

A moment of insight

I remember the first time the concept of Connecting Personal and Planetary Care came out of my mouth.  I was at a dinner with a good friend and a man who she had just begun dating.  She was introducing me and then my business.  He was polite in learning I made body care, but he then asked what the point of my business was.  I was a bit caught off guard because I hadn’t approached it this way before, so my immediate response was very authentic and uncalculated…and, it was spot on.

“My business connects personal and planetary care.”  He responded, “That sounds wonderful.”

Yes, it is wonderful.


Business training teaches that the magic zone is where your skills meet a need in the world.  I’m a maker. I feel myself when I am creating.  It gives me sincere joy.

The deepest need I see in our world is Balance.  A balance within existence.

As a maker and small business owner, it is common to be asked, “Why did you start your business?”  I’m sure I’m not alone when I say, there are so many factors along my journey that brought me to the creation of Living Earth Naturals, and maybe someday I will dive into sharing some of those roots.

But, what I find more relevant at this point in business is:  What is the intention?  What can be accomplished?  How can I contribute?  I feel like these are actually questions regarding living a life on purpose, and owning a small business just amplifies them.

Personal Care

Body Care, Skin Care, Personal Care…whatever you want to call it, it is the practice of learning to value and love yourself.  It is Self Care, and it is absolutely a reflection of how you understand yourself in this world, and in this life.

“Whoa! That’s intense. You’re reading a lot into simple hygiene.”

Not really.  Ask anyone who has journeyed with depression, anxiety, addiction, eating disorders… Talk with people who have become accomplished athletes, musicians, artists, business owners… Self care, self confidence and self love are the difference between surviving and thriving.  They are the path to fulfilment and joy.  And the upside is, they can be practiced and developed.  Just like any skill or muscle, they can be cultivated, and then they must be maintained.  And this can happen through small, repeated actions.

Actions like exfoliating, moisturizing and caring for your skin.  Actions like taking time for a long, hot bath.  Actions like choosing the cleanest, healthiest products for your body.  Your skin and your body are you, and all of these types of practices support and develop your sense of self worth and self love.  And that is the foundation from which you move in the world.

Planetary Care

Our Earth is the most miraculous organism we can witness!

Our home, our Mother, is the source of immense bounty and creativity.  The capacity and wisdom of our planet is still beyond our full comprehension as a species, and completely unattainable within the short span of one human life.  Our best hope for understanding as individuals is to be in humble awe, and feel it!  To have wonder, and curiosity, and excitement for the everyday miracles that sustain profound levels of life.  Not just human life, but Life as an entire phenomenon.

Planet Earth provides prolifically for us as humans.  Take a moment and try to comprehend the amount of resources that have been and continue to be available.  It’s truly dumbfounding, but it is not limitless.  And we human inhabitants of Earth, have created a reality wherein the Earth needs our care.  Honestly, the planet just needs us to reciprocate.


Clean water comes from a clean streams, rivers and oceans.  Healthy food comes from healthy soil.  A clean environment comes from reducing and reusing our waste.

Clean skin care comes from clean ingredients.  Clean ingredients come from sustainable cultivation.  Sustainable cultivation comes from healthy communities.  Healthy communities come from ethical, fair treatment and opportunity.  A healthy planet comes from a place of respect, love and gratitude.  Respect, love and gratitude come from a healthy spirit and heart.

We are all connected.  We are all one.


Our personal care cannot contain ingredients that are harmful to us or our environment.  Our products cannot come in packaging that will exist beyond one human life time.  Our immediate comfort is not more important than the long term capacity to be.  Our consumption is consuming our host, and without balance,  it will ultimately consume us.

So, what is my intention with Living Earth Naturals?

My intention is to inspire connection.  I hope that through thoughtful self care, you will realize your own capacity to make a difference.  I hope you will grow your self love so much that it pours over into love of other people, other beings and our shared planet.

What can be accomplished?

So much!!  We have only begun to imagine new and different ways of thriving on and with the Earth.

As of this writing, together, we have eliminated the use of over 17,000 pieces of plastic.   We have helped to plant over 1,000 trees.  And this is just the efforts of one small body care business.  There are so many who are making incredible efforts to restore our planet, and when we join together, we too can work miracles.

How can I contribute?

“The question is not ‘can you make a difference?’ You already do make a difference. It’s just a matter of what kind of difference you want to make during your life on this planet.”   -Julia Butterfly Hill

First off, understand and know that you do make a difference, by existence alone, and then own it!  Choose to live your life in a manner that is Life affirming.  Choose natural.  Choose joy. Choose sustainable.  Choose love.  Choose biodegradable.  Choose kindness.  Choose ethical.  Choose peace.

Every choice matters!  Connect your Personal and Planetary Care.


Peace and Love,  Brandi

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