What We Use

Un-natural is Un-neccesary


Our Ingredients

Our products are created from pure, natural ingredients.  We prioritize organic, sustainable and wild harvested.  We believe that using the cleanest ingredients creates the highest quality body care for you and does the least harm to our planet.

All of the oils we use are certified organic and ethically sourced.  We scent our products with sustainable, therapeutic grade essential oils, and our colors come from natural clays and root powders.

In our commitment to natural, we promise to never use: synthetic scents, synthetic colours, petrochemicals, micro plastics, parabens or sulfates.  Basically, we promise to keep it real.

Our Process

Our products are produced in small batches with attention to ingredient and product detail.  We take our time and infuse each product with intention and care.

Our recipes are formulated to create a gentle and effective self care experience.  We follow best practices to ensure you get the freshest and most luxurious body care products.

Our Packaging

We package our body care in the most Earth friendly containers suitable for each unique product.   All of our packaging is either biodegradable, reusable, or recyclable.  Our shipping boxes and stuffing are all made from post consumer content, and even the tape is plant based.


Together, we do make a difference!