200 Trees planted

It’s been a while.

I’ve thought so often that I need to write, to check in.  Life has been shifting and heaving so much since my last blog, personally and globally.

My last blog was about Jason, my late brother in law. Before beginning to write this post, I reread that previous one.  His life and efforts inspired me to commit to planting a tree for each online order,  in his honor.

In my September post, I shared some of Jason’s words that he had journaled after an earthquake he experienced in remote Alaska.  His words are now so ironic during the global pandemic of the corona virus.

“The earthquake was an exciting part of the day, and I’m glad to have been in the wilderness for the experience…I’m not much on fire and brimstone, but I do think the planet could use more of it from time to time.  Shake up the false comfort that so many of our species have now.”

We are being shaken up.  We are being given the opportunity to reflect on our values, our fears, our loves, our actions.  We have the chance to reflect on how interconnected we truly are, and desire to be.  We can observe that we are not in control, that we too are apart of the natural rhythm of life and death.  We have the opportunity to ask ourselves what really brings richness, joy and beauty to our lives – daily and moment to moment.  Our choices matter.


I’m happy to share that we helped plant 200 trees in 2019.   Living Earth Naturals donated $100 (for website orders from September 21st), and we did so strategically on Giving Tuesday.  This meant that our donation was matched, equalling 200 trees.

We are on track to triple this donation in 2020!!

Together, we do make a difference!


On that life sustaining, celebratory note, I wish you calm, peace and health.  I wish for you to find and cherish the deep, motivating elements of your life, those that define why you are here.  Love them, cherish them, celebrate them and share them.

Be Well,   Brandi



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